Alice and the Dodo

After the mouse is unsuccessful in his attempt to dry everyone with his dry-most stories, the Dodo suggests they all have a caucus race, where all participants are winners, and get a piece of candy from Alice. She’s also responsible to come up with her own prize for herself. That turns out to be a… Continue reading Alice and the Dodo

Pack of cards

Illustrations of Alice awakening from her dream, as a whole pack of cards is rising around her, as done by different illustrators. Hover over the images to view illustrators details

Who stole the tarts

Illustrations of the trial scene from Alice in Wonderland, as done by different illustrators. Someone stole the tarts, and there’s a whole trial around it. Hover over images to view illustrators details.

The Mock Turtle’s Story

Illustrations of the Mock Turtle’s story scene, as made by different illustrators. The Queen and Alice walk, and come across the Gryphon, that is ordered by the Queens to take Alice to the Mock Turtle, and hear his story. Hover over the illustrations to view illustrators details

Playing Croquet

Illustrations of the Croquet group game scene from Alice in Wonderland, as made by different illustrators. Alice stumbles upon the Queen, that’s trying to behead everyone she comes across, including Alice. Alice stands up to her, and ends up getting invited for a game of Wonderland Croquet, played with flamingos as bats, and hedgehogs as… Continue reading Playing Croquet

Painting the Roses

Illustrations of the card gardners painting the roses scene, from Alice in Wonderland ,as done by different illustrators. Alice leaves the mad tea party, and stumbles upon a 3 intimidated gardners, painting the roses with a red color, trying to correct the silly mistake of planting a white roses tree.Hover over the illustrations for illustrators… Continue reading Painting the Roses

A Mad Tea Party

Illustrations of the Mad Tea Party scene, as done by different illustrators of Alice in Wonderland. The Cheshire cat dissolves and leaves Alice with just a grin, she continues walking in Wonderland, and reaches the house of the March Hare. She sees the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Dormouse sitting by a table,… Continue reading A Mad Tea Party

Alice and the Pig Baby

different illustrations of the scene of Alice and the Pig baby. The Duchess tosses the baby over to Alice, which takes him, and runs off, only to have him flee away, after turning into a pig!Hover over the images to view illustrators details

The Footman

Different illustrations of the Footman scene, where Alice watches a Fish footman in livery (uniform of sorts), advancing towards a pretty house, he hands over an invitation to a Frog footman, that’s by the door, from the Queen to the Duchess, to come play Croquet. Hover over the illustrations to view illustrators details

Alice and the Pigeon

Different illustrations of the Alice and the Pigeon scene, where Alice eats a piece of the Caterpillar’s mushroom and grows taller. A pigeon slams into her face, and screams out “Serpent!”, mistaking Alice for a snake up to steal her eggs. Hover over the images for illustrators details

You are old, Father William

Illustrations of the ‘You are old, Father William’ scene, as created by different illustrators of Alice in Wonderland. Alice, shares with the Caterpillar that she feels that she has changed, that the words coming out of her mouth, are different than she remembers. He asks her to repeat the poem, ‘You are old, Father William’,… Continue reading You are old, Father William

Advice from a Caterpillar

Illustrations of Alice and the Caterpillar scene, made by different illustrators. Alice, which is tiny at this stage, stumbles upon a large mushroom. She peeps over the mushroom, and sees a caterpillar, smoking a hookah, they stare at each other for some time, and then begin having one of the world’s most famous conversions in… Continue reading Advice from a Caterpillar

Alice and the puppy

Alice walks out of the White Rabbit’s house, after causing much distress for Bill, and the White Rabbit, and pretty much everyone around. She sees an enormous puppy, and plays with it for bit.Hover over illustrations to view illustrators details.

Bill the Lizard

Different illustrations of poor Bill the Lizard. After Alice enters the White Rabbits house, and drinks some potion that makes her grow and fill out his entire house. The shocked White Rabbit sends in Bill the Lizard, to go in, through the Chimney and take care of things. Poor Bill gets kicked by Alice, and… Continue reading Bill the Lizard

The Mouse’s Tale

After the caucus race, the mouse is telling Alice and the animals his history. The mouse’s tale.hover over the images to view illustrator info.

The Pool of Tears

Alice swimming by the mouse, and the rest of the animals, in the pool of tears, that she herself created. Alice ate the EAT ME cake, and grew to an enormous size, and was frustrated and saddened, so she wept gigantic tears, and after shrinking back, she found her self swimming in her pool of… Continue reading The Pool of Tears

Drink me

Illustrations of Alice’s DRINK ME scene, where she drinks a bottle labeled DRINK ME and finds herself shrinking down to a few inches high. Hover over the images to see illustrators info.

Alice crying

Alice shedding tears, and creating the soon to be, pool of tears, after getting resized first by drinking the DRINK ME bottle, and shrinking, then by eating the EAT ME cake, and growing to be nine feet high.Hover over the images for illustrator info.

A Caucus Race

Illustrations of the ‘A Caucus race’ scene, from Alice in Wonderland, as done by different illustrators of Alice. Hover over the images for additional information.

Alice following the White Rabbit to Wonderland

Illustrations by different illustrators, of scenes from chapter 1 of Alice in Wonderland, Down the Rabbits Hole. Where Alice is following the White rabbit, and when the White Rabbit notices her, and is startled by her. Hover over the images to see further information.

Pig and Pepper

Illustrations of the Pig and Pepper chapter from Alice in Wonderland, as done by different illustrators. For further details, please hover over the illustrations