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When I started this blog, the idea was to have something that’ll help me manage and catalog my collection, as it was getting to be of a size that was difficult for me to remember what I do and do not own.
Like a sleepy dragon, on top of it’s overflowing treasure, I had my Alice books sitting on a pretty shelf, and seldomly revisit them. I would visit my collection upon adding a new edition, or in the case of trying to impress a lady, in which case, I would pull out a few copies (can you guess who’s?), and walk them through the wonders of collecting the Alice books.
As I progressed with this blog I came across other, similar blogs. I would note how they gradually reduced the frequency of the blog posts, from the early, excited stage, of posting thrice a month, to the slow screech of once a month, to once a quarter, to a grinding halt.

Let’s all take a moment in forgetfulness for all lost blogs about the Alice books.

My collection evolves around the different illustrators of Alice in Wonderland. As opposed, for example, for an Alice in Wonderland book collector that collects books by languages, or concentrates on antique vs modern editions, and so on. Many angles to go by, and only one angle that’s really respectful and fun. My way. With the collecting by different illustrators. It’s the way to go. Other ways aren’t as good. A few years ago, in Sinai, I came across a “the little prince” book collector, i will not trash that overestimated, pompous, book, but i will trash the way it was collected. By languages. The proud owners presented me with a not too impressive shelf, housing
tens of different ‘the little prince’, all the absolute same, but in different translations. Here’s one in Danish, and here’s one in French. Who cares? no one. Who cares? absolutely no one.

Anyway, One thing that I noticed is that no one posts the entire illustrations from any particular edition. I thought this is something i’ll do, as I wanted to ultimately showcase the magic that is seeing the same scene, as its imagined by scores of artists.
You can see it in this section: how different illustrators approached same scenes in Alice in Wonderland.
In doing this, I believe I gave something new to the world of Carroll’s enthusiasts. Now, instead of seeing only one of two examples of a scarce Alice in Wonderland book, you can see all of the presented illustrators work. Up till now, I only featured illustrators that are long gone, so I would not find myself infringing a living artist copyrighted materials.
This method, however, was a bit tedious. As it had me picture all the pages with illustrations, resize all of them in photoshop, upload and post. This would take hours per post.
At one point I thought ill take a short break from posting about the books, and ill write about the film and tv adaptations of Alice, i did this mainly to voice how much i disliked Tim Burton’s vile creation.
I wrote the piece about the “top 10 Alice in wonderland movies” . That blog post got more traffic than all other combined. While I liked people googling ‘best alice in wonderland movie’, only to get to my bitter rant, it was also clear that there are few out there that collect the Alice books, and seek out information about the different illustrators, and the vast majority just wants to watch the best Alice movie, although none of them are any good 🙂
This blog also got me to instagram, where fellow weirdos collect the Alice books. They vary in size, but all are mad.
Posting here and there, at one point felt more like work, than something fun, so i found myself drifting away in the last few months. Did me, being in Bali for a few months, have some contribution in this sea change? Yes, probably.
I’m not saying im burying this blog, giving it away to the Gods of time, to collect digital dust, and have the odd user stumble upon it. There are more editions to cover, more topics to discuss.
I’ll be back at some point. For now, this is me saying thank you so very much for visiting this place, for reading my words. Every comment, and connection with people made here, was meaningful. For now, I wish you all, happy summer days.


    1. Thank you Hollie! I like your website 🙂
      I collect the books, with an emphasis on the odd illustrators. There are hunderds out there,
      and new ones every year. What sparked your interest in Alice?

  1. I have only just found your brilliant blog. I’ve been fascinated by the Alice books since I learned to read. I’m an amateur sketcher. In recent years I have struggled with my mental health. I’ve found that drawing has helped me a great deal. I have no great talent – I have a dreadfully weak visual memory, but I can copy. Last year I began copying some of my favourite John Tenniel illustrations from the books. This led me to find out about other great artists who have illustrated the books over the years, and to try to copy some of their works as well. Recently I challenged myself to ‘fill in the gaps’ and copy all of the 92 Tenniel illustrations of the 2 books. Thank you for your blog, and please do keep it up, even if you only end up posting now and again.

    1. Thank you David! I appreciate your kind words, and they do energize me to keep at it.
      It sometimes feels like im the only one here, and getting feedback from people like you, make it all worth while.
      I checked out your blog, interesting and impressive works, you’re very talented!

      1. Flatterer! As I say, I can copy, but cannot do anything out of my own head, sadly. Keep up the good work please!

  2. Are you also a member of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America? I joined a few years ago and found it worthwhile. I too am a (minor) collector of Alice illustrators (part of a somewhat bigger collection of golden age children’s literature illustrators). I also have a small collection of “Alternative Alices,” which books do not parody but attempt to continue her adventures. (Yes, I have written my own version, which I illustrated by adapting Charles Robinson’s illustrations, including some of his Wonderland illustrations–have you seen
    them–they are delicate and lovely!). Thanks for your work, I will enjoy it at my leisure, hopefully finding yet more illustrators of Alice to add to my list (if not my collection, much to the dismay of my wife!

    1. Thank you Dennis, much appreciated.
      The Alice universe is so big and wide, and ever expending with new editions, and paraphrases.
      You have your own unique creation in this space, which is amazing!
      thank you for commenting, and best of luck to you!

  3. Hello, I found this site only recently and it’s been a treasure to me! I’ve recently read these books and found how many illustrators they’ve had and, as an artist myself, found myself very interested in these interpretations. I was a bit miffed that there wasn’t some kind of repository for these things, I even made a Tumblr blog for this purpose (though I don’t have a collection of my own yet), but your blog is the closest thing and its wonderful. Thank you for sharing the art from your collection!

    1. Hi Jonathan,
      Thank you very much!
      I’d love to see your tumblr. Slap a link here in the comments. I’m still amazed at the shear amount of
      illustrative interpertations to Alice in Wonderland, there are hunderds already made, and new ones come out every year.
      Thank you for your kind words, they definetly give me the energy needed to go back to it soon.

  4. I have a French book titled Alice au Pays des Animaux with illustrations by Simone DELEUIL from 1954. Is this the same as the Simonne Baudoin, etc. you have listed? If not, I could photo and attach hers to an email.

    1. Hi Jacqueline, thank you for commenting. I don’t think I have Simone Deleuil’s edition. I’m not sure, but by the looks of it just by the style, there’s a good chance it’s the same person. I do need to dig into it further though.

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