Gordon Robinson – Vibrant Alice


I love Gordon Robinson’s illustrations of Alice in wonderland. This post is dedicated to the Linenette booklet, published circa 1930’s by Sam’l Gabriel sons and co. Lewis Carroll isnt even credited in this one, which is outrageous. The text is like Alice after biting one end of the mushroom, which means its shrunk to an inch sized, two and a half worth of pages, which is also outrageous. Let’s all take a moment to be totally enraged by all this, and then proceed to the illustrations.
While G. Robinson isn’t properly credited, his signature can be found here and there throughout the book, and mainly on the cover, in a beautiful art nouveau style. Check it out:

Alas, I’m not finding anything about Gordon Robinson. This is not his main Alice in Wonderland edition though. There one’s from 1916ish. I thought I had one of his earlier Alice’s, but for the time being, we’ll settle of this little beauty.
Half of the illustrations are beautifully illustrated and colored, in a joyful, vibrant way, and than the other, are done with 2 colors, and are somewhat poor looking.

I’ll place the booklet’s illustration in order of appearance, since it’s a 8 page thing, you’d expect to have some sensible order, but no! For some reason it’s a bit messed up, you’ll see. Let’s dive into the book:
Booklet cover with Alice and the Duchess. Do you see G. Robinson’s signature there?

Alice chasing the White Rabbit. Some illustrations are full of color, and others, like this one, are in black and orange. Saving on ink much?

Alice and the Caterpillar. So what, if this chapter is way down the line, let’s all just have fun and place it on the 2nd page.

Alice and the mouse, swimming in the pool of tears

Alice and the Cheshire cat

Pig and pepper. Alice, the Duchess and baby, cook, and cat.

A Mad tea party

Alice and the pig baby

The Who-Stole-The-tarts trail

Alice and the angry Queen of Hearts. Yes, this should be placed a couple of pages back, but hey, even Lewis Carroll isn’t credited on this one, so, let’s not be too strict here.

~ the end ~


  1. Being disrespectful to the author, illustrator, and the story in one tiny book? Now that’s a jackpot. Hopefully the next edition will be like Alice after eating the growing side of the mushroom, normal sized, but with a bit elongated neck from many illustrations on the pages :).

    1. 🙂 Dear Karol! so nice to get your comments. Yes! very disrespectful. So many antique Alice editions lack mention of the illustrator, but this one went above and beyond. Still, it has a lot of charm.

  2. I have what is probably a later edition of the No.433 Gabriel Linenette Alice with a, what shall we say, “sappier” illustration of Alice by R. A. Burley. Same ugly orange and black illus in text but I love the Robinson illustrations for Alice’s intelligence and for the outrageous characters. Author also not credited. Must have been an international copywrite problem.

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