John Morton Sale – Elegant Alice


John Morton-Sale (1901-1990), was a British artist, I cannot find a lot about him online, the most detailed account of his and his wife’s biography, can be read here.
His Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, and Through the looking Glass, was published at 1933. I have the first edition, Not in a perfect condition, and it only has 9 illustrations altogether. Still it has a lot of charm. Although the time period of this book publication date, places it in the art-deco era, Morton-Sale’s style in this book appears to me as a loose art-nouveau style, with long flowing lines.
Let’s dive into the book. Illustrations, and pages are placed by order of appearance in the book

Front cover, with Alice leaning against a buttercup

Alice, after shedding her pool of tears, startling the White Rabbit, that’s dropping his fan and gloves

Title page

Alice and the mouse, swimming in her pool of tears

Alice leans against a buttercup (between the puppy and the caterpillar scenes).

Alice, Hatter, March hare, and Dormouse

Alice and the flamingo at the Croquet ground, along with the Cheshire cat, and the King and Queen

Alice, the Mock turtle, and the Gryphon

Through the Looking Glass, Alice’s giant hand, with the King and Queen

Alice and the depressed White Queen

Alice and the White Knight

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