Alice in Wonderland book collection blog

The question 100% of the people that see my Alice in Wonderland book collection, ask me is:
“Have you read all of them?”
No, idiots, most of these are different editions of the same book!

Alas, im surrounded by simple minded buffoons, so im on the lookout for fellow Lewis Carroll book collectors & enthusiasts.
This blog will focus on the Alice books, and any other Alice or Carroll related publication.

Alice in Wonderland book collection bookcase
My precious. Most of the good ones are there, but its only half of the whole collection.

My personal collection

From the early days of the internet, there it was, the empty promise of ‘coming soon’ or ‘under construction’, you could see a site with a big promise, only to revisit it 7 years later, to find nothing has changed. Nothing comes soon, construction will never end. Such is my promise to you now! I’ll gradually add my personal Alice book collection, that iv’e been collecting over the last 25 years or so. If youre visiting this site now, first of all, why not make it your homepage? secondly, maybe its totally empty, or just a few random books are presented. Well, rest assured, its all coming soon, as right now, its under construction.

Who am I?

According to Humpty Dumpty, we’re all pretty much the same. Two eyes at the top of the head area, nose in the middle, etc. From my life experience, while Humpty might be exaggerating, overall, he’s on point.
Im from Israel (shipping prices are killing me!), I started my collection about 20 years ago, when my dear cousin, brought me a gift for my 20 somethin’ birthday. it was the very first time I read ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in its original text, and fell in love. However, while the books are true masterpieces, with an incredible, on-going for 150+ years, significant cultural impact, collecting them is quite an adventure in its own right.

Who are you?

I have met one Alice book collector in Israel, a couple of years ago. It was the first time I could sit with someone and enjoy discussing collecting Alice books at a high level.
In most cases, when I show my collection, usually, in the effort of impressing a girl. I slide into this patronizing persona. I make them wash their hands, put on white cloth gloves, and then proceed to a lesson on what is a book, and how to properly hold a book, and how to turn a page. So, im hoping this site will attract like-minded folks.