André Jourcin – Trippy Alice

André Jourcin (1905 – 1974), was a French artist. Is that ALL I can find about him? Yes. Yes, it is. Jourcin’s Alice in Wonderland, or ‘Alice au pays des Merveilles’, came out in 1949. My copy, presented here is, is a slightly later print from 1952. I love Jourcin’s Wonderland. It’s vibrant, full of… Continue reading André Jourcin – Trippy Alice

Charles Pears & Thomas H. Robinson – Poor Alice

Poor, poor Alice, and poor, poor me. This edition was “loved” by some wretched child about a 100 years ago. Few pages were painted over, and overall, it’s in poor condition. I’ll get a finer copy one of these days, but for the purpose of this post, we’ll have to do with this one. From… Continue reading Charles Pears & Thomas H. Robinson – Poor Alice

Gordon Robinson – Vibrant Alice

I love Gordon Robinson’s illustrations of Alice in wonderland. This post is dedicated to the Linenette booklet, published circa 1930’s by Sam’l Gabriel sons and co. Lewis Carroll isnt even credited in this one, which is outrageous. The text is like Alice after biting one end of the mushroom, which means its shrunk to an… Continue reading Gordon Robinson – Vibrant Alice

Maria L. Kirk – Lively Alice

One of my All-time Favorite illustrators of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass, is Maria Louise Kirk, or M. L. Kirk (1860-1938). There’s a bit about her here. I bought M. L. Kirk’s Looking Glass edition a few years ago, and was always eager to complete the set with the earlier Wonderland… Continue reading Maria L. Kirk – Lively Alice

Hugh Gee – Collage Alice

Some Wonderlands are more inviting than others. One Wonderland I would not want to step into is Hugh Gee’s Wonderland. With its cross medium techniques, mixing real life photography, with scaled cut outs, puppets, it looks to me a bit odd. As it happens, on many of these posts, I can’t find anything about the… Continue reading Hugh Gee – Collage Alice

A. E. Jackson & C. A. Federer – Illustrator’s Duet

Two illustrators for one ‘Alice in Wonderland’? Why, yes! ‘Alice in Wonderland’ appears to have any possible anomaly that comes to mind, it can easily accommodate 2 illustrators in the same book. Having Tenniel’s illustrations along with another illustrator is a common practice, but this edition is unique in the sense that is has two… Continue reading A. E. Jackson & C. A. Federer – Illustrator’s Duet

Charles E. Graham & Co.- An ode to an uncredited artist III

This post is dedicated a ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass’ edition, published by Graham E. Charles & Co., New York, publishing house. It’s a beautiful book, with a few wonderful colored illustrations, that due to their Victorian era style, I would guesstimate, date circa 1890’s. Sadly these charming illustrations, made by… Continue reading Charles E. Graham & Co.- An ode to an uncredited artist III

Ada Bowley – Nursery Alice

Ada Leonora Bowley (1867 – 1954), Alice in Wonderland, no date on book, presumed 1930’s. Ada Bowley, was known mostly for her work (postcards & book illustrations) for the Raphael Tuck publishing house. Ada and her sister Sophia May Bowley, studied art at the Blackheath School of Art, and they lived and worked together, throughout… Continue reading Ada Bowley – Nursery Alice

G. W. Backhouse – Comic strip Alice

Geoffrey William Backhouse (1903-1978), was born in Wales, and studied in Heatherleys school of fine art, and worked for Modern art studios. He was known for illustrating ‘Strongheart, the Magnificent’, an adventure comic strip, telling the story of a brave German Shepherd. His ‘Alice in Wonderland’ edition was published in the early 1950’s, presumed 1951,… Continue reading G. W. Backhouse – Comic strip Alice

Walter Hawes – Subtle Alice

Walter Hawes, of which I cannot find anything online, had his edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, published at 1908, making him one of the earliest Alice illustrators. I find his style of illustrations subtle, with a touch of whimsy. While Hawes’s method of illustrations resonates Tenniel’s, his has a lighter feel to them. I’m… Continue reading Walter Hawes – Subtle Alice

Lewis Carroll – The Greatest Gift Ever Given

Throughout time, what’s the world’s greatest gift ever given? Is it the Taj Mahal? perhaps the Statute of Liberty? maybe some Fabergé egg presented to a countess? or a gigantic diamond to a Queen? No! None of those hold a candle to the greatest gift ever given, C. L. Dogson’s handwritten, hand illustrated, manuscript of… Continue reading Lewis Carroll – The Greatest Gift Ever Given

John Tenniel – The Godfather

It’s high time I write about THE most important illustrator of Alice in Wonderland, Sir John Tenniel. The first illustrator of Alice (although one could argue that Dodgson is the first one), the one chosen by Carroll himself to bring his creation to life. In many ways, Tenniel, made the template for the hundreds of… Continue reading John Tenniel – The Godfather

J. R. Sinclair – Edwardian Alice

J. R. Sinclair’s Alice in Wonderland (Circa 1900’s), is one of the earliest illustrated publications of the book. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything about this illustrator. The style is early 1900’s, I know very little about illustration methods, I think some of the illustrations in this book were originally made as etchings. I have the… Continue reading J. R. Sinclair – Edwardian Alice

George Soper – Spirited Alice

George Soper (1870-1942) was an English artist, with no formal academic background in art, but with great talent. His work was mainly focused on depicting rural life in England. Of his famous works, in his Alice in Wonderland, the Water babies, and Arabian nights, as well as other works. You can read more about himand… Continue reading George Soper – Spirited Alice

John Morton Sale – Elegant Alice

John Morton-Sale (1901-1990), was a British artist, I cannot find a lot about him online, the most detailed account of his and his wife’s biography, can be read here. His Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, and Through the looking Glass, was published at 1933. I have the first edition, Not in a perfect condition, and it… Continue reading John Morton Sale – Elegant Alice

Bessie Pease Gutmann – Toddler Alice

Bessie Pease Gutmann (1876-1960), an American illustrator, famous for her illustrations of toddlers. Her Alice in Wonderland was first published in 1907 (followed by her ‘Through the Looking glass’ out in 1909).Read more about her here sadly, I don’t have her ‘Looking Glass’ edition. I do have the ‘Wonderland’ 1907, one. However, a wretched child,… Continue reading Bessie Pease Gutmann – Toddler Alice

Rene Cloke – Playful Alice

Rene Cloke (1904-1995), was a gifted British illustrator, with a rich body of work, mostly as an illustrator of books and postcards. Her Alice in Wonderland was first published in 1944. I know I sometimes say on Alice editions that they are ‘profusely illustrated’, but if there’s an Alice edition that really is profusely illustrated,… Continue reading Rene Cloke – Playful Alice

Birn Brothers LTD – An ode to an uncredited artist II

Alice in Wonderland, published by Birn Brothers LTD, circa 1950’s. Here’s another ode to an uncredited artist (go here to read the previous post dedicated to another uncredited Alice illustrator) . This edition has around 50 illustrations of Alice in Wonderland, and not one has the illustrators name on them. Can’t find much about this… Continue reading Birn Brothers LTD – An ode to an uncredited artist II

Harry Rountree – The second Alice

Once upon a time, there was a very talented illustrator, born in New Zealand, that moved at the tender age of 23 to London, where his talent could be recognized. He created not one but two complete and different sets of Alice in Wonderland illustrations. The first was published in 1908. The one I’ll write… Continue reading Harry Rountree – The second Alice

Milo Winter – Graceful Alice

Milo Winter (1888-1956), Was an American book illustrator. His Alice in Wonderland was first published in 1916, this review presents the 1936 later edition. I promise that once I’ll get my hands on the 1st edition, I’ll add it to this blog. Unfortunately some of the illustrations in the earlier publication, are missing from this… Continue reading Milo Winter – Graceful Alice

Peter Newell – Through the Looking Glass

This is the first post wholly dedicated to ‘Through the Looking Glass’, the sequel to ‘Alice in Wonderland’, so I’ll say a few words about that masterpiece. It’s my personal favorite of the two, if Wonderland is rather cheerful and light, The Looking Glass takes a bit of a turn to a darker side. Alice… Continue reading Peter Newell – Through the Looking Glass

Thomas Maybank – Victorian Alice

Thomas Maybank was an English illustrator (1869-1929), in my rather lazy googling just now, I haven’t found much about him, but there is this comics wiki one dedicated to him. One tiny piece of insignificant trivia that I can share with you, is that Maybank used to do art for Punch magazine, just like the… Continue reading Thomas Maybank – Victorian Alice

Mabel Lucie Attwell – Sugary Alice

Mabel Lucie Attwell made Alice go on a toddler’s fun day on the field, where nothing goes wrong, and everyone is sweet and kind. Almost in 180 degrees to Rackham’s Alice. If in Rackham’s Wonderland I’d feel more comfortable carrying a piece, in Attwell’s Wonderland I’d feel like I’m in a children’s playground. Attwell’s Alice… Continue reading Mabel Lucie Attwell – Sugary Alice

Blanche McManus – Red, Green, Black & White

I love Blanche McManus’s Alice. I think her illustrations are very special. Sadly, I can’t find a photo of her anywhere. I guess back in the late 19th century, selfies weren’t as popular. Published on 1899 by A. Wessels company. The Blanche McManus edition, is one of the very few illustrators, illustrating Alice, in Dodgeson’s… Continue reading Blanche McManus – Red, Green, Black & White

Arthur Rackham – Dark Alice

1907 marks an important year in Wonderland’s publications timeline. The copyright of Alice’s adventures in wonderland, published in 1865, expired on 1907, and some of the most beautiful editions came out, crowned by one of the worlds all-time celebrated illustrators – Arthur Rackham. My review of Rackham’s Alice, as any other review here, is not… Continue reading Arthur Rackham – Dark Alice